More About Dream Cars

I’m “flat tired” and headed for a major breakdown!

Did you know that the cars we dream about may often represent our physical bodies? After all, isn’t our body the “vehicle” we ride around in? Think metaphors and other figures of speech when tackling the meaning of your dreams. A car with a flat tire may signal us that we’re “flat tired” and need more rest to function properly. The poor vehicle pictured here looks as if it hasn’t been maintained very well. It’s been “driven hard.” I wonder if seeing such a wreck wouldn’t be a warning to take better care of the health. Tip: look to various parts of the car symbol to see if they relate to certain body parts or functions, e.g., headlights or windshield might refer to eyes; engine might be the heart; gas tank could be the digestive system.sdlc life cycle stagesевро курFreemiami beach apartments for rent by ownerстоимость раскрутки сайтовчто такое seo

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