Faster! Faster!

Someone asked, “What does it mean when you’re running in a dream?”

I’ll give you my stock answer: It depends on the context of the dream and what’s going on in your everyday life.

1. Are you running away from something or trying to escape from something that is chasing you? This is one of the common dreams that people have. Ask yourself if your fears/concerns are dogging you or if some of your basic needs are unmet (physiological needs or safety and security needs). Are you trying to escape guilt or something from your past? Are you trying to get away from a stressful situation?

2. Are you running toward something?  Are you trying to catch up or reach a goal? Is your life a constant running, running, running? Do you feel as if you’re on a treadmill?

3. Do you need to start running? Is your body “running” properly? Do you need to get up and get a move on?

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