The Doctor is In

Doctor! Doctor!

Often when doctors show up in our dreams, they signal something to do with the physical condition of the body. (Unless you are a doctor or are closely associated with the healing profession.) Our health and physical needs are very necessary to survival and problems there send up red flags. Some of our dreams are prodromal (before symptoms appear) and come as warnings to ward off invading germs, building gallstones, or belly fat.

On the other hand, a doctor might represent a need to “heal” some situation or relationship. (Are you on the outs with a neighbor, a family member, or other person?)

Look to other parts of the dream and your current circumstances to help figure out what your doctor represents. Remember: The people we dream about are often parts of ourselves in other costumes and makeup. “Physican, heal thyself!”Всесезонные шины 255купить жаровня чугуннаяrational application developerигры планшет андроид 4.0автоматическая регистрация в каталогах онлайнseo оптимизатор

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