I See Dead People

Dead and Buried

People often ask what it means when you dream of dead people. My stock answer is: It could mean several things. If you cast your deceased soccer coach or a long dead great aunt as a character in your dream, you might interpret them as you would a living person. What qualities or traits to you associate with them? Discipline? Fun? Nosiness?

On the other hand, if you dream you’re digging up a grave or see a zombie-like creature emerging from the cemetery turf and grabbing your ankle, maybe it’s reminding you that some things are best left dead and buried. Perhaps you’re dwelling on or revisiting a dead issue and causing problems for yourself. (Old guilts or such?) Or maybe it’s just the opposite: do you need to look into something you thought was dead and buried to resolve some current issue that keeps cropping up? Examine your life concerns to see which fits. (See Dream People for more info.)

If you have a question about a particular symbol or something about your own dreams, leave a comment here or check the contact page, and I’ll try to answer your question.порностудияhallandale beach for renttranscend jetflash 300 4gbstockpairфирма по продвижению сайтовпроверка индексации сайта

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  1. Sherri Williams says:

    Love your book.

    Merry Christmas

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