Happy New Year!

Oh, Baby!

The old year is often portrayed as an aged Father Time while the new year is a baby. Why is that? To most of us babies represent the promise of new beginnings, fresh starts. Many of us also use babies in dreams as similar symbols: new beginnings, new undertakings, new projects, new ideas.

A woman once dreamed of a baby covered in a humongous amount of poop. What was that about? We might ask her if she was involved in any new projects or ideas, etc. Turned out that she and a friend had been discussing the notion of going into business together. Sounded to me as if her unconscious was strongly suggesting that it was a “crappy” (ahem) idea.

Have you ever dreamed about babies? What was the context? What was going on in your life? Sometimes the age of the baby might suggest the age of the undertaking. Or your dreams of babies may indicate something else altogether.  What do you associate with babies?translateдтп киев сегодняocean club key midtown-miami floor plansраскрутка сайта пермьnew developments in browardмолодежь церкви возрождение

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