Hit the Nail on the Head!

Have you ever noticed all the figures of speech we have for nails? I’m talking about the kind pictured here. Fingernails and toenails are a whole other subject. When you dream about nails, are you putting something together, “nailing” it, or pounding something home? Think about all the ways you use nails or use them to illustrate a “point.” How is your dream using such a symbol? Look for all the figures of speech your dream may be using instead of a plain tack or six-penny.

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2 Responses to Nails

  1. Very interesting. I’ve never thought of nails in this light. I’ll look forward to hearing about more symbols. What do you have on garden gates?

  2. Janece Hudson says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Jane. The question is: What do you associate w/garden gates?
    Dream symbols are personal and relevant to your experience and associations. I might think of a carefree child swinging on a garden gate, the beauty of a garden about to open to me, the portal to a place of peace, or a secret garden. A gate bars the way but also promises something beyond. Again, what do you think of garden gates? What was the context in the dream?

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