A Little Snaky. When was the last time you dreamed of a snake? How do you feel about snakes in your waking life?  Are you phobic? Was your dream snake poisonous or harmless? Depending on your feelings and the context, snakes can symbolize many things from temptation (remember the Garden of Eden?) to healing (the medical symbol). The spiritual life force within is sometimes represented by a raised serpent (kundalini). Snakes can be toxic or wise. I’ve even heard of bunches of small, teeming snakes representing literal toxins in the body.

Since our dream symbols can be concrete images for figures of speech, think of all those ideas, including a snake in the grass, lower than a snake’s belly, the whole deal was snakey, being “snake-bit,” and scads of others. Check out my book INTO YOUR DREAMS for more details on how to work with your dreams of snakes and a host of other symbols.

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One Response to Snakes

  1. Jillian Lark says:

    Hi, Janece!

    Indiana Jones and I agree. We both hate snakes. However, one time I had to capture a snake which bit a child. The snake needed to be identified, because it had markings and a head shape similar to poisonous ones.

    I knew what to do, because I had a college friend who sold snakes to zoos and kept a pet snake in his apartment. (Yes, he was cute. The college friend, not the snake.)

    Luckily for the child, the snake I captured wasn’t poisonous. Luckily for me, I’ve never had to catch another snake. I don’t dream about snakes either.

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