Minister, Priest, Rabbi

Higher Selves or Something Less?

What does it mean when someone dreams of a minister, priest, rabbi, or other religious representative? I know what it means to me, but the important issue is: what does that figure mean to you? While I may, because of my life experiences, associate such a person with piety, godliness, and higher moral principles and ideals, your experiences may be similar or they may be vastly different. If you were abused by such a church leader as a child, you may have generalized your feelings so that the religious leader represents pain and hypocrisy.  Others have various experiences and might think of everything between a symbol of love and hope to one of despair and evil itself. Always look to your own life events to find the meaning of your dream of dania beach floridavoice overtopпаркет монтажopteckсайт яндекс

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