Light Bulb Moment

EUREKA! I’ve Got It!

I’ll bet that one of the first things you thought of when you saw this drawing of a light bulb was: an idea, the light dawns, or seeing the light. It’s used so often as a symbol in cartoons or other visual presentations that we have immediate associations. It’s an excellent example to help us understand our personal dream symbols. The concrete objects (or people or places) in our dreams, like the light bulb, represent abstract concepts for us. Some images are so common to all of us that we often share the same associations. Others are highly personal. Always ask yourself about your dream symbols: what do I associate with a light bulb, a pickle, an airplane, an octopus, an engineer, or Minneapolis? Doing so will help you figure out what your dreams are trying to tell you. Check out my book  INTO YOUR DREAMS for more information. It’s available online and at your favorite bookstore.



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